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Men's Compression Long Sleeve Shirt - Navy Blue

Improves Your Performance with Better Muscle Support and Efficiency

Helps To Prevent New Muscle Strains

Make Your Warm-Ups More Effective By Increasing Blood Flow

Retains Shape Even After Several Washes

Shortens Recovery Time after Your Workouts

Insulate During Cooler Weather

Increases Blood Circulation during Travel

MAXMYER's Base Compression Long Sleeve Top is a phenomenal piece of unit for the colder months. MAXMYER's premium PWX pressure texture has been explicitly designed to offer unparalleled power, weight and adaptability in agreement to the requirements of the wearer, just as included warmth in chilly climate.


The PWX material utilized in this top offers a powerful denier of help to the key muscles and joints. The graduated compressive fit builds blood stream and contains your chest area muscles to help upgrade your presentation and reduction you’re warm up time. Just as crucial help, the top improves your stance, breathing and deftness. The raglan sleeve development and cut of this top gives most extreme solace and breathability, with work boards explicitly situated for welcome wind stream.

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