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Boxing Gloves "FIGHTER"

SKU: BGF-2106

87 out of 100 based on 24 user ratings
Green Hill
$ 75.53 In stock

Material : Leather/Artificial Leather
Weight : 10oz, 12oz, 14oz
Colours : Black, Black/Red
Black/White, Black/Blue
Use : Kick Boxing Fight


Boxing Gloves "KNOCK OUT"

SKU: BGK-2266

87 out of 100 based on 24 user ratings
Green Hill
$ 61.00 In stock

Material : Vinyl (Artificial Leather Shining )
Weight : 10oz, 12oz, 14oz
Colours : Black/Red
Use : Professional training glove


Boxing gloves are the specialty of Green Hill

Boxing gloves hold a special value in Green Hill. The reason for that is we have been closely attached to boxing. Green Hill has also been to some of the major boxing events in Australia. Around 20 types of boxing gloves are manufactured by MaxMyer which includes gloves for men, women, beginners, etc.

Boxing gloves for Men

Over top models in this category are “Taipan”, “Pegasus”, and “Legend”. These are designed to provide maximum comfort and grip during training and fight. All the boxing gloves for men are properly tested over different hand sizes. After designing the manufacturing involves following the standard steps which are instructed to every team member. Our teams are experts in everything they do.

Sparring boxing gloves for beginners

These are the gloves that are mostly used for training for matches. Extra pads are installed within these gloves to prevent any damage to the opponent during training. These are the boxing gloves for beginners. Learning to fight using these boxing gloves is optimal. No damage is done to both the beginners if they are having a training/friendly match.

These are comparatively heavy due to extra stuff used inside which makes them even more useful for those who are beginning to become pros. Heavy gloves can make them train better.

Boxing gloves for women

Boxing gloves can be a very picky thing when it comes to women. No, we are not talking about any fashion element here. Most of the women have narrow hands; they should consider checking before buying. MaxMyer provides boxing gloves for women at their best convenience. We have female employees who work closely with the manufacturing team. Some of the boxers we have a board for new ideas and strategies are also women. So, you can be certain that MaxMyer is going to deliver the best.

For competition boxing gloves for girls you need to mention your requirement and we will customize boxing gloves for you.

Custom boxing gloves for matches

Boxing competition needs a lot of effort, diet, exercise, practice, and the best pair of boxing gloves. MaxMyer provides custom boxing gloves for matches and other occasions. We have signature size gloves for some of the boxers playing under our name in Australia. If you are looking to customize a pair for yourself we can offer the best quality boxing gloves.

A boxer can hurt his hands during practice. Hitting a punching bag with normal gloves will damage the hands. We suggest sparring boxing gloves for training purposes. These are heavy and save the hands. One more benefit of heavy boxing gloves for practice is that you become able to move hands fast during a match wearing live weight boxing gloves.

Cheap boxing gloves by Green Hill

As you know we provide a wide range of boxing gloves. We design and manufacture boxing gloves for girls, men, and professional players irrespective of gender. Some people want to try out boxing. One can begin to like any sport or any activity. So, beginners sometimes have a low budget for boxing gloves. They can always buy expensive ones on getting better in boxing. Green Hill fulfills their needs by providing cheap boxing gloves. The cheaper boxing gloves does not mean by any sense that the quality will be compromised.

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