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Boxing Gloves
Punching Mitts and Semi Contact gloves
Head Guard
Focus mitts / Focus Pads and protective items
Shin pads and kick boxing shoes
Boxing shorts vests and other accessories
T-shirts & Track Suits
Sports Bags
Punching Accessories
Weight Lifting range
Miniatures and Promotional Items
Head Guard "SAFE"

SKU: HGS-4023A


Head Guard "ORBIT"

SKU: HGO-4030


Head Guard Cup

SKU: SW-6561


Head Guard Cup

SKU: SW-6564


Focus Mitt "SUPER"

SKU: FMS-5014


Focus Mitt

SKU: FMF-8000B


Focus Mitt "LAP"

SKU: FML-5039


Focus Mitt "KITE"

SKU: FMK-5034


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