SKU: SCG-2048C

87 out of 100 based on 24 user ratings
Green Hill
$ 73.55 In stock

The Semi contact gloves are made of durable fine quality artificial leather with pre formed mold for safe punching. Comes with elastic Velcro closure. Ideal for training, sparring and competitions. Material : Artificial Leather
Size : S, M, L, XL
Colours : Black, Red, Blue
Use : Semi contact glove



SKU: SCGK-2082

87 out of 100 based on 24 user ratings
Green Hill
$ 66.86 In stock

Material : Genuine Leather
Weight : 8oz, 10oz, 12oz
Colours : Blue, Red, Black
Use : Professional training glove


Punching Mitt "PRO"

SKU: PMP-2064

87 out of 100 based on 24 user ratings
Green Hill
$ 80.24 In stock

Punching Mitt PRO made of fine quality leather. Hand crafted mould with elastic closure for easy put on / off.  Material : Genuine Leather
Size : S, M, L, XL
Colours : Red, Blue, Black
Use : Training


Punching Mitt "TEMPEST"

SKU: PMT-2112

87 out of 100 based on 24 user ratings
Green Hill
$ 86.92 In stock

Material : Genuine Leather
Size : S, M, L, XL
Colours : Blue, Red, Black
Use : Training


Punching Mitt "SPEED"

SKU: PMS-2081

87 out of 100 based on 24 user ratings
Green Hill
$ 53.49 In stock

Material : Artificial Leather
Size : S, M, L, XL
Colours : Red, Black, Blue,
Use : Training



Best Punching Mitts and Semi Contact Gloves by Green Hill

Boxing is one of the most played sports in the world. Not only professionally, people learn boxing for self-protection.  Kids are taught boxing at school. Just like any sport first, there is practice and then the real game. There are shin pads, punching bags, punching mitts, etc. used for the training. Green Hill manufactures the best punch mitts, boxing gloves in Australia.

The use of MMA punching mitts

Punch mitts as the name suggest are used for the training of boxing or mixed martial arts match. Not only for a match but MMA can be learned for self-defense too. MMA punching mitts are used to enhance the punching abilities of a player against a moving opponent. Punching a bag can enhance punch power whereas punching an MMA punching mitt can enhance the focus on the opponent.

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Buy Punching Mitts at affordable prices

Maxmyer provides boxing mitts at very reasonable rates. Our products are durable and long-lasting because we understand that punching mitts are the most used equipment in boxing practice. If there are five boxers are under one trainer in a boxing club, there are chances that the trainer will use the same punching mitt for all five of them. So, punching mitts in boxing need to be durable.

Some of the articles on boxing mitts for sale are “Speed”, “Tempest” and, “Pro”. All of these punching mitts superior in quality and cheap in rates. Buy these punching mitts with relief because the level of comfort in these mitts is extraordinary.

Custom punching mitts

The training session can last hours. Trainers wear punching mitts for multiple hours consecutively which can spread sweet inside the mitts causing infection. Green Hill designs custom MMA punching mitts that do absorb sweat and reduces the germs to grow inside. Some of the benefits of custom punching mitts are;


Custom Punch mitts for fitness clubs are durable and last long. These are the best punch mitts that provide maximum satisfaction.


Maxmyer offers the best punch mitts at very reasonable rates. As compared to the market our rates are more than 20% less.

 Green Hill Semi Contact Gloves

The Green Hill Semi Contact Gloves are developed with a solitary bit of strong Protech froth center that is thicker over the knuckles. It likewise includes a special Flex vinyl external shell with a nylon internal covering and a coordinated grasp bar. Lightweight and quick, these semi contact gloves are ideal for semi-contact competing. Fighting gear that gives you the most extreme insurance while meeting your financial plan.

  • Produced using Flex engineered
  • Thick flexible velcro wrist conclusion
  • Protech pre-shaped infusion internal froth complex
  • Thick delicate cushioning for the ideal insurance
  • Open palm structure
  • Perfect for any semi-contact combative techniques
Manufactured using the latest technology

The design, stitching, and finishing, everything is exceptional in our punching mitts. We use the latest technology and hygienic material for maximum efficacy and performance.

Shock Absorbing

No matter how many times and how hard the mitt is being hit the shock-absorbing material won’t let the trainer feel anything. When you buy punching mitts this should be the first thing in your checklist.


Our custom punching mitts include antimicrobial MMA punching mitts which do not let germ and microorganisms grow inside the mitts.

All of our punching mitts contain holes for air to provide supreme comfort and best fitting. These are some of the qualities of our best quality punching mitts. One should not think twice when buying from Maxmyer.

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