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Punch AAA Shin Guards


87 out of 100 based on 24 user ratings
Green Hill Maxmyer
$ 99.99
In stock
This fantastic shin guard grips to your leg securely with their dual, rear hook closures, minimizing any slipping/spinning around during training or sparring. We recommend the Punch AAA Shin Guards to coaches and instructors looking for an all-around shin guard for their club or beginner and intermediate level users looking for a big step up in quality from entry-level Thai shin guards. If you're looking for quality Muay Thai Shin Guards for personal use or club distribution, you're looking


Value purchase - by , March 25, 2011
4/ 5stars
Great microwave for the price. It is small and fits in my apartment.
Punch Muay Thai Elbow Pads


87 out of 100 based on 24 user ratings
Green Hill Maxmyer
$ 29.99
In stock
Looking to add elbows to your training, sparring or next promotion? Whether you’re training in Muay Thai, MMA, or other martial arts with elbows, Punch Equipment has you covered!


Value purchase - by , March 25, 2011
4/ 5stars
Great microwave for the price. It is small and fits in my apartment.

MMA Shin pads and kickboxing shoes

MMa Shin Pads

Contenders request protection, execution, reliability, and solace in their MMA Shin Pads for preparing, fighting, and rivalry. The tip-top security and inclusion requested by warriors are designed and made into each pair of shin protectors to keep competitors in top execution with the most extreme inclusion. Trust TITLE Boxing, TITLE MMA, TITLE Muay Thai, TITLE GEL, TITLE Platinum, Fighting, and more for all your shin and instep watch necessities for men, ladies, and youth.

The most effective method to Choose Boxing MMA Shin Pads 

Before we plunge straight into the genuine suggestions, it is useful to know a portion of the different qualities and contrasts, so as to pick the best Boxing Shin Pads for your fighting. There are no ideal MMA Shin Pads however one in particular that addresses your issues. Regularly, it is a structure of parity and bargain.

Assurance and Mobility

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In fact, talking, the more extensive the Shin Pads, the more defensive they are since they spread a bigger region of your legs. The trade-off is that they are bulkier and will hinder your development in a specific way. Contrarily, the smaller the Shin Pads, the lighter they are thus your developments will be quicker. The drawback is that you are bound to get wounds on the revealed zone of your legs.

As far as insurance, this likewise reaches out towards your competing accomplices. A thicker shin cushion feels less agonizing on the ribs of your competing accomplice than a slight one. This idea works a similar path as utilizing heavier gloves for competing: the more slender the cushioning, the more effective your shins of steel will feel to the adversary.

Measuring and Fit

Shin Pads ordinarily come when all is said in done estimating of little/medium/huge/X-huge. In this way, the taller you are, or the greater your calves are, the greater size you will require. In the event that your Shin Pads are too large, they will move a great deal during the fighting and you should correct them continually. On the off chance that they are excessively little, they probably won't offer enough assurance; fit too firmly, and can be awkward to wear.

The attack of Shin Pads likewise fluctuates from brand to mark. For a similar size, Brand X may fit more extensively than Brand Y. Simultaneously. On the off chance that you need Shin Pads that fit you precisely the manner in which you need them, it is basic that you take a stab at a couple of brands to discover one that you like.

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Kickboxing shoes

An ever-increasing number of people are bouncing into the ring to check out Kickboxing. The quick-paced exercise consolidates combative techniques, boxing, and cardio molding for an all-out body exercise that is intended to beat you down into shape quickly. Such an exceptional exercise needs the correct Shoe to give footing and help while being lightweight enough not to back you off.

Kickboxing Requirements

Since you can't go to the store and select a particular Kickboxing Shoe, you'll have to realize what's generally critical to search for. Kickboxing is a unique action that requires a tad of everything—soundness, adaptability, side-to-side development, and forward-and-back movement. You'll likewise be doing bounces and kicks. That is a great deal of ground to cover.

Here are the most significant things to search for in a Kickboxing Shoe:

Cushioning: You need simply enough, however not all that much. Since Kickboxing is performed inside, you won't have to stress over sticks, stones, walkway splits, or some other outside snags. Be that as it may, you need great stun assimilation, particularly under the bundle of the foot, for dangerous hops frequently highlighted in Kickboxing classes.

Fit: A Shoe that fits cozily around the mid-foot and impact point is basic to offer help for multi-directional moves. It's significant that the Shoe isn't excessively wide or you'll be sliding around in it when you make snappy horizontal moves.

Adaptability: Your Kickboxing Shoes should feel like your very own expansion foot, a subsequent skin. You ought to have the option to handily twist them every which way when they are off your feet, and when they are on your feet they ought to permit free development from the impact point to toe and internal foot to external foot.

Weight: A Shoe that is adaptable normally must be lightweight. An overwhelming Shoe will burden you for bounces and kicks. Search for a negligible, breathable Shoe that keeps you light on your feet.

A Shoe that meets these criteria is frequently called a broadly educating or vigorous exercise Shoe. Broadly educating Shoes permit you to do different games with a similar Shoe; nonetheless, they shift extraordinarily from brand to brand and style to style. Pick a Shoe for its particular qualities and fit as opposed to its classification.

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