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MORGAN POWER & CIRCUIT PACK The Morgan Power and Circuit pack has primarily been designed for PT and Studio usage, allowing trainers to supply all the essential tools to your clients in helping them achieve their best results training session after training session. Using lighter weighted, more explosive style training equipment, this packs is easy to move from location to location, also a great bulk buying pack for smaller boutique studio usage, where the main training programs revolve around Less Mills style work out routines. Throw in some focus pads and boxing gloves from our range of combat sports products and you have all the equipment you need to start your own training business. The pack consists of: 1 x 15kg sandbag with 3 x 5kg pockets 1 x 8kg cast iron kettlebell 1 x 3kg slam ball 1 x 6kg slam ball 1 x 22.5kg aerobic pump set 1 x aerobic step platform and 4 x risers 1 x purple (medium) power band 1 x high speed skipping rope

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