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The Yamasaki Deluxe coloured rank belts are used by thousands of martial arts schools in Australia to signify the promotion of students to a higher experience rank level. It can also be used as a replacement belt for students who have lost their old karate belt. We have all sorts of colours for these obis. Whether your students are starting out with a white belt or have advanced far enough to earn a black belt, the Yamasaki colour rank belts serve as an excellent motivator for enthusiastic students to focus on as they grow in their martial arts career. Our 100% cotton rank belts offer a winning combination of durability, comfort, function, and style. It is why so many schools choose our obi belts for their martial arts programs. Heavily stitched for durability, dyed for superior colour and using a multi-layer inner strapping core makes our selection of coloured karate belts the preferred choice by martial arts schools across the country.

  • 100% cotton material
  • Colour will not run or fade onto uniforms
  • Made from a multi-layer inner strapped core material
  • International regulation size and standard (4cm wide)
  • Ideal for all types of grading
  • Industrial machine stitched
  • Traditional stiff belt finish
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