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Designed in Australia, the Morgan Elite Sandbags delivers a versatile, go-anywhere alternative to heavy balls and stones. They feature a 1000D Cardura fabric construction and reinforced double-stitched seams in a new compact, easy-to-fill and use design. These sandbags are heavy-duty and able to withstand drops. But they are not designed to be slammed.

Strongman Sandbags are available in four sizes with a maximum fill capacity of 35kg, 50kg, 68kg and 91kg. Each Sandbag has a built-in filler bag with an additional zipper and hook-and-loop closure — ensuring the filler material stays fully contained as you work through your regimen.

Because Sandbags can be emptied and then re-filled at another gym, field, park, etc., they function as uniquely portable Strongman training tools for athletes of any experience level.

  • Designed in Australia
  • 1000D Cardura construction
  • Filler Capacity (4 Sizes):
  • 35kg (37cm x 18cm)
  • 50kg (37cm x 28cm)
  • 68kg (37cm x 38cm)
  • 91kg (37cm x 51cm)
  • Built-In Filler Bag
  • Zipper and Hook-and-Loop Closure
  • Sandbags are supplied empty
  • Recommended use on rubber or nonabrasive surface
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