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Let’s clear the air, weight lifting is not bodybuilding. Yes, if you are lifting weight it does not mean you will gain giant muscles and body. There are different techniques and processes involved in weight lifting. All these techniques help you achieve the body you desire. MaxMyer’s professional trainers help you in lifting weight safely and effectively.


Walking Exercise

No exercise can compete on walking and jogging. But the excessive practice of jogging or walking can be harmful to you. Let us take care of your walking exercise routine. We will suggest you the best fitness wear that you can use for jogging purpose. Also, the diet you take for your walking exercise matters a lot and MaxMyer covers it all.


Belly Crunches

This exercise is mostly suggested to those who have busy work routines and are unable to take out some time for exercise. Just 10 minutes of daily belly crunches can help you gain a flat belly. At the start, the crunches will burn the fat cells around your belly and then you will start getting a nice set of abs under that fat.


Weight Lifting Partner

As mentioned above, our trainers can help you do safe and effective weight lifting. But, if you want a dedicated weight lifting partner who can guide you during your time in the gym MaxMyer will take care of that. Our services include dedicated weight lifting partners so you can have the full attention to yourself and gain better and fast results.


Exercise Rolling

Rolling exercise helps you in reducing muscle pain and discomfort. To relax your muscles before a workout this is one of the best techniques to practice. Rolling massages your muscles and massaging fastens the blood flow within the body which helps in healing and relaxing the body.


Lunge Plunk

This is the exercise that makes you stronger along with shaping your body ideally. Lunge plunk is the best way to burn your body fats without having to lift any weights. No special space is needed to perform this exercise and even 15 minutes out of your busy schedule can help to achieve a lot.


Spinning Class

Spinning is the alternative to cycling. There were times when cycling was used for transport purposes and all those who used to do cycling were automatically fit. Now, spinning is used to strengthen the legs and other parts of the body. MaxMyer provides an excellent environment for spinning with dedicated guides to make your efforts useful.


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